Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Reunited--Will It Phil So Good?

Can Kobe and Phil coexist? I don't know, but it needs to take less than three years to find out. Phil isn't getting younger, and neither is Kobe. He's not old, but if they don't do anything under Phil, i think he's out of L.A.
That team has made the playoffs with less talent. I remember the Van Exel, Ceballos years when the Lake Show sucked but still made the playoffs. They didn't have anyone nearly as talented as Kobe. I'm not saying Kobe's another Jordan, because i don't think he is. He may win a championship or even two, but i don't think he'll be able to accomplish what Jordan did. I think he'll be a very good superstar, but not Legendary. He's going to have to learn to carry a team throughout the season and not just for a few games. In the end, i say one more championship because of the Laker name, but no more...unless he rocks the Fro again!


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