Monday, June 20, 2005

Why I Can't Truly Respect the Detroit Pistons

I know the Pistons are good and they might beat San Antonio in this series, but i can't truly respect them as a great championship team. Maybe this is bad, but they have benefitted from more injuries than any other chamionship team i know.

When the Bad Boys played the Lakers back in the 80's, Magic and Byron Scott were injured.

When the Pistons played the Lakers last year, Karl Malone got hurt and that was the series.

The Pistons totally benefitted from Ron Artest being suspended when they played Indy this year.

The Heat would have had that series locked down if not for Dwayne Wade getting injured.

Now in the Finals, the series totally changed when Manu Ginobali got hurt.

They are extremely lucky when it comes to injuries. They always seem to benefit them. While Detroit is an excellent team and play a great team game (which is sometimes boring to watch), I won't be able to put them up there with great champions of the past.


At 6:59 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ok maybe you forgot how Isiah was basically useless that last game against L.A. in 88 cause of the sprained ankle. Or you forgot how Vinnie Johnson and Adrian Dantley cracked heads and didn`t play the last seven minutes against Boston in the seventh game of the 87 conference finals.Magic played almost two games in 89 the Lakers lost both of them. Injuries are part of the game. Teams who take advantage of the situation are to be applauded. Many times teams don`t.So Malone got hurt. He was washed up and wouldn`t have made a difference. As for Artest, the dumbass deserved what he got. Tough luck.


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