Wednesday, June 22, 2005

The NFL needs Fred-Ex

Recently the Chiefs signed WR Freddie Mitchell. Do i think this was a good move, Yes, but for a couple different reasons. One, i think Jonnie Morton wore out his welcome in a Chief's uny. Second, the Chief's need some personality and Fred-Ex has some. But in a larger role, Fred-Ex is bebeficial to the NFL in my perspective.

I believe i grew up in the era of sports characters, especially in the NFL. The Icky Shuffle, Primetime and his high stepping, The Playmaker, Ernest Givens and the Electric Slide, Billy "Whiteshoes" Johnson (a little before my time), and end-zone dances. The NFL was fun back in the day. People could celebrate, do their thing and it was cool. Now the NFL says it's showboating and that it patronizes the other team. No one had a problem with end-zone dances and the like until the NFL said something. I think they would rather their players act more like robots than anything. They are scared to let the players have some personality.

The fans love the end-zone dances and they love a little showboating. That's what used to make America fun. We had personality. And that's what i think Fred-eX brings to the league. I like him because he's weird. I like him because he does crazy stuff. It makes the game that much more enjoyable. When did football or any sports become more than just a game? Why should the players act like they've been there before? It's called ENTERTAINMENT. While it's great watching the Patriots win three titles, they are probably one of the more boring teams in football to watch. That doesn't mean they're not a great team. They're just boring.

I like to be entertained, and sometimes the sport by itself just doesn't do it. There needs to be a little extra. Like storylines in wrestling, personalities help make a sport. I hope Fred-Ex keeps wearing his oven mits, his championship belt and keeps thanking his hands. I'll keep watching.


At 12:40 AM, Blogger dointhemedance said...

Sorry to be the first to grafitti up your blog.
Haha, Fred-Ex. I heard about this guy when I got to Japan actually. I wasn't much of a sports reader, but this guy did get my attention as he captivated audiences not on the field, but off the field with his candor arrogance. I agree we are in the generation of braggin rights and "I'm better than you and my Harlem Shake proves that." But there's something to be noted about that.
The truth is the NFL loves entertainment. What they say is that the endzone dances have gone too far. I'm not siding with them, but I see their point. I mean some of them are infamous, because of their stupidity. A cellphone? Creative but dumb. The league wants to crack on that stuff because its personal and its a progression to even more flamboyant behavior. What's next? Mink coats and back-up dancers? Talley came close to that in Buffalo.
I believe the NFL wants the flashy "me" receiver, but they wanna keep them in check from doing something outrageous as a 4 min. rap video.
Personally, I think most of endzone dances these days are just not very good. The players you mentioned earlier had style and grace. Warren Sapp hopping around like a bunny isn't. I think the NFL should work around this and set up a mini camp for endzone dancing taught by San Francisco's former GM of press relations and New Orleans owner, Benson "master of the two-step" Boogie.
To actually relate this rant to Fred-Ex, I agree they need players like him, because he shakes things up. The brother likes country music to death! and he's not afraid to say things about other players (I just hope he's not all hype). Warren Sapp also said that players need to be more marketable in the NFL, thats why he took his helmet off, and thats why we need Freddie Mitchell. So people like me can read headlines about Philly and say, "Who is this guy?"

signed the guy celebrating after he gets the copy machine to work.

At 12:25 PM, Blogger The Underdog said...

Thanks for the post man. You bring up some good points. Keep checking back. I'll probably send you the email so you can post if you like.


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