Thursday, July 07, 2005

NFL Bests

Seems that not much is going on in the way of sports. The NBA Finals has ended, thank God. Baseball is going on, but that's pretty much like a slow burn right now. Hockey is still dead and Jeremy Roanek (SP?) is a moron, but obviously is passionate about the game. Can't fault him for that. All I am looking forward to is kickoff of the NCAA/NFL seasons. The Saints are probably still everyone's sexy pick because if they ever get it together they'd probably win the whole damn thing. But anyway.

With that in mind, who's the best players by position since we've been born. Say 1975-present. Doesn't matter if they've won a title or not. Who's your NFL Best?

Here's mine:

QB: Dan Marino: Have you seen the yards this guys racked up? If he ever had a decent running back he may have won a few titles. Withouot one, he still holds a truck load of records.
RB: Bo Jackson: You ever used him in Tecmo Super Bowl? Nuff Said.
RB: Barry Sanders: Made dudes look foolish
TE: Tony Gonzalez. He's been the standard for so long now. Antonio Gates is on the rise though.
WR: Jerry Rice: Come on! Please argue against me. He's 40+ and still playing like a 3rd string 20+ year old. That's saying something. Let's not talk about his stats.
WR: Steve Largent: he was the truth with Seattle
O-Line: Anthony Munoz: He'd block the hell out of you.
LB: Ray Lewis: Have you seen that hit against Denver on Monday Night Football? He can take you out so many different ways.
D-Line: not sure, someone help me out!
CB: Dion Sanders: PrimeTime!
Safety: Steve Atwater, Ronnie Lott: They brought pain! I like them both.
K: Morten Andersen: In his prime he was a sharpshooter.
Coach: Bill Walsh: He invented an entire style of play and won with it.


At 1:04 PM, Anonymous thedbrous said...

Impossible to argue any of those picks, especially when Tecmo Super Bowl is used as criteria - that game is still awesome!

Maybe Marino is the exception to this, but arent' most all time best quaterbacks usually only assocaited with winning titles (Aikman, Elway, Brady - and only partially kidding on that last one - another subject for another day). I agree with your line of thought and applaud the "regardless of championships" mentality, but that does not seem to be the general consencus concerning quarterbacks.

I heard the Bo Jackson Power Bars are actually pretty good!

At 9:02 PM, Blogger The Underdog said...

It seems that way with QB's. But no one can tell me QB's like Marino and Jim Kelly aren't great. They aren't winners, but they're great QB's. Same with the likes of Warren Moon, and to a lesser extent, Doug Flutie. He's got moxie.

Tecmo Super Bowl is probably the hands down greatest game ever made in any genre.

Gotta try a Bo Jackson Power Bar. Bo knows power.

At 9:35 AM, Anonymous thedbrous said...

Absolutely.. give me any of those guys on any day! Any of today's quartebacks going to be included on that list? Brady (he'll be the one that people say - "you can't ignore the championships"), Duante, Vick, McNabb, or P.Manning (the cerebral assasin - I like that term!) or hell even Eli "Hey, I am a Manning too" Manning? Any of those guys going to be mentioned in this conversation in another 10/20 years?

I watched an ESPN special on Barry Sanders yesterday... that guy is a champ!!

At 4:23 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

No doubt about it right now, Dan Marino is the best that ever played QB. Give Peyton Manning four more years and that could change. Brett Favre still plays like he has always played. He just needs a better supporting cast.

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