Monday, July 11, 2005

Home Run Derby

I don't know. I started watching the Home Run Derby tonight. Didn't watch it all. Listening to it right now. Here's some takes:

Bobby Abreu is a freak. Think he hit like 24 out of the shout. Of course he who hits best first never wins the derby.

I guess Bobby Abreu has staying power.

I just don't care for Bud Selig. They interviewed him before the derby asking him about Kenny Rogers. They asked him if he had the final say would he not let him go. He politically answered i'm glad i don't make that decision alone, blah, blah, blah. He's the freakin commissioner. He does have some type of final say. Then they interviewed him about steroids and he said the policy was ok until the Canseco mess happened. Of course, you got caught. He just doesn't seem to be very genuine. But the commentators sucked up to him anyway. Guess that's their job.

The Derby: I don't know. It never seemed this long back in the day. Now they have bands playing, all these commercials and competitions. It's not about guys hitting homers. I just can't watch three plus hours of guys hitting the ball with no other action. Plus the only good round lately is the first. The guys are always tired by the end. Plus it's been three freaking hours. They need to figure something out. It's getting old. Also, this international crap sucks. I want home run hitters, not randoms.

The All Star Game: I don't know if i'll write a seperate piece on this, but the All Star game needs to go back to being an exibition. Now it's all serious. This one counts. It shouldn't count. It's not fair that the best team in the MLB has to depend on the likes of a guy from the Royals, Devil Rays, Rockies or Pirates. That's not right. Go back to the alternating schedule or best team gets home field format. I want the All Star game to be fun. Baseball takes itself too seriously anyway.


At 9:01 AM, Anonymous thedbrous said...

Good stuff!!

Yeah, I saw a couple of the Abreu homers and freak is correct. I also saw last year when Miguel Tejada went on an absolute tear (that was a sight).

Agree on the format issues - way too long and the additional fanfare has only added. It does seem like it is fun for the players, but I think the tournament style play is a bit much. There has got to be a way to do some sort of "battle royal" or another everyone vs. everyone format.

I really care for the job Bud Selig is doing .. not sure if it is the steriod fiasco, pete rose, the all star game... or just that he does not seem like a personable guy.

I agree about making the AS game an exhibition - mostly because the better team in the W.S. should have the home team advantage, because they earned it.

Also, I am glad that Kenny Rogers has decided to play in the all-star game. What he did is terrible and inexcusable, but this is not the "All Stars who are nice to cameramen" game - it is a showcase for the best in baseball this year. KRogers falls into that category, after all, this many years in the league and he finally gets out of the shadow of the white-haired country music singer. Maybe that is why he pushed the camera man in the first place - he asked him to don the tweed sports coat and belt out a few lines of "know when to hold 'em".. ha ha!


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