Friday, August 05, 2005

Real American Hero...

I received this article via email from The Boardroom. We all know people like that and may very well be this guy. Change the sport to football and i'd definitely be in the running.

Killing to watch Sports

I received an email from a friend of mine telling a gruesome story of how a husband killed his wife. What for you ask? Not because she cheated on him. Not because she threatened to take away his kids or put him in jail. BUt because he wanted to watch sports. After having sex, his wife wanted to cuddle, but he wanted to wacth sports, so he went to the kitchen got a knife, stabbed her until the knife bent, went back to the kitchem, got a claw hammer, and wailed on her 70 times. But it wasn't just any sport on the tube. He wanted to wath clips of Mike Tyson. Mike Tyson. I love Tyson too, but he aint worth killing your wife over. Now if the Saints are playing in the Super Bowl and your wife turns off the TV...well... we'd have to think about it.