Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Alex Smith

Seems that San Fran has just signed Alex Smith for $50 million. That'll get the ball rolling on the other rookies. But back to Smith. I'm not sold on him. I know he's done some great things, but against Wyoming, Utah St. maybe. And lets not forget Pittsburgh. I know you can make the argument that players like Steve McNair and Jerry Rice played in the SWAC against the likes of Southern U. and Grambling St. and they are great players. Of course McNair was setting national records out of the SWAC. But neither went #1. I don't think either got paid that much as a rookie.

Don't get me wrong, Alex Smith will be a very good QB. I just don't know if he's the savior of San Francisco. He played in a pass happy system where he was probably the most talented of the 22 guys on the field. He really hadn't played anyone of any worth or in a big game that mattered. Don't give me that Fiesta Bowl crap. I'd like to see him in a truly meaningful game. Or maybe in a position where he'd have to come back from a deficit. Something other than what I've seen. We'll just have to wait and see.

And next year we'll have the Matt Leinhart to gauk at. Another over-rated, over-hyped product of the media, a super-weak conference and the "stupid" ability of Reggie Bush (who should have won the Heisman). More fodder for the blog I guess.


At 2:19 PM, Blogger theBoardroom said...

I actually hope the best for Alex, but am also very skeptical. He actually seems to have the mental and physical aspects of the game in his back pocket, but you are very correct that he lacks the big game pressure that he'll feel in the NFL.

I also think he may get a bit of a pass if he does not put up Rothlessburger-type performances this year, and is only just above par for the next year or two. However, if he does not have that team in contention in 3 years there may be a little hell to pay (or repay).

Despite the hesitations to Smith, he was the best quarterback out of that draft for that situation.

I acually can't wait for the tranwreck that is Matt Leinhart's NFL career!


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