Tuesday, July 26, 2005

NFL Labor Problems

It's happened recently in 3 of the 4 major sports in the US. Labor issues. Fortunately, the NFL has been able to thrive from the implementation of the salary cap and the stupidity of the other leagues. Well unfortunately i get the sense that change is on the horizon.It seems that this year more than any, players want to restructure their contracts and are threatening to holdout. Maybe it's just more high profile players. I understand players have to get the most value they can, but what is the ultimate goal, money or the ring? I guess money.

Time and time again, you hear when players miss training camp it affects their season. Yet players still miss training camp squabbling over a contract. And with blood suckers like Drew Rosenhouse out there, i don't see it getting any better.

The NFL really needs to look at how it does business. I wish it could go to a cap system like the NBA has where you can get paid a maximum based on you tenure, not because you think you're worth $1 million more than the team is offering. I think it would simplify the free agent process and holdouts. Plus i really feel they should garauntee some of the pay. Although i think TO is wrong on this issue and should at least honor a larger part of the seven year deal he signed, he has a point. The NFL doesn't have to honor any part of players' contracts. They can toss you away at a moments notice. I think that's wrong. There is less chance of getting injured in the NBA, but their money is gauranteed if they do. Football should have something of that nature.

If the NFL doesn't handle this issue now, they will pay for it down the road. I just hope they don't add themselves to the list of sports leagues with labor issues.


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