Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Alex Smith

Seems that San Fran has just signed Alex Smith for $50 million. That'll get the ball rolling on the other rookies. But back to Smith. I'm not sold on him. I know he's done some great things, but against Wyoming, Utah St. maybe. And lets not forget Pittsburgh. I know you can make the argument that players like Steve McNair and Jerry Rice played in the SWAC against the likes of Southern U. and Grambling St. and they are great players. Of course McNair was setting national records out of the SWAC. But neither went #1. I don't think either got paid that much as a rookie.

Don't get me wrong, Alex Smith will be a very good QB. I just don't know if he's the savior of San Francisco. He played in a pass happy system where he was probably the most talented of the 22 guys on the field. He really hadn't played anyone of any worth or in a big game that mattered. Don't give me that Fiesta Bowl crap. I'd like to see him in a truly meaningful game. Or maybe in a position where he'd have to come back from a deficit. Something other than what I've seen. We'll just have to wait and see.

And next year we'll have the Matt Leinhart to gauk at. Another over-rated, over-hyped product of the media, a super-weak conference and the "stupid" ability of Reggie Bush (who should have won the Heisman). More fodder for the blog I guess.

NFL Labor Problems

It's happened recently in 3 of the 4 major sports in the US. Labor issues. Fortunately, the NFL has been able to thrive from the implementation of the salary cap and the stupidity of the other leagues. Well unfortunately i get the sense that change is on the horizon.It seems that this year more than any, players want to restructure their contracts and are threatening to holdout. Maybe it's just more high profile players. I understand players have to get the most value they can, but what is the ultimate goal, money or the ring? I guess money.

Time and time again, you hear when players miss training camp it affects their season. Yet players still miss training camp squabbling over a contract. And with blood suckers like Drew Rosenhouse out there, i don't see it getting any better.

The NFL really needs to look at how it does business. I wish it could go to a cap system like the NBA has where you can get paid a maximum based on you tenure, not because you think you're worth $1 million more than the team is offering. I think it would simplify the free agent process and holdouts. Plus i really feel they should garauntee some of the pay. Although i think TO is wrong on this issue and should at least honor a larger part of the seven year deal he signed, he has a point. The NFL doesn't have to honor any part of players' contracts. They can toss you away at a moments notice. I think that's wrong. There is less chance of getting injured in the NBA, but their money is gauranteed if they do. Football should have something of that nature.

If the NFL doesn't handle this issue now, they will pay for it down the road. I just hope they don't add themselves to the list of sports leagues with labor issues.

I've got to feed my family

What's this with some sports stars claiming they've got to feed their family as a basis for contract negotiations? Haven't they learned that that is probably one of the worst phrases they could use when negotiating? That's probably the number one way to have people turn aagainst you.

Like your family couldn't make it on $8.2 million. They've gotta have $9.6.

That's totally rediculous. I think my family would be fine with the $8.2. I could see if it was a normal job where there is a substantial difference between $35,000 and $40,000. That could definitely help the household. But the difference between $8 and $9 million is just another piece of jewelry for the wife, an extra Playstation for the kids room, another trip to France. All the necessities of life ya know.

Come on athletes. Say you're doing it for your fellow athletes or for charity, but leave your families out of it. I think they're doing better than most out there.

Monday, July 18, 2005

Heath Shuler for President


Looks like the ex-Vol, Skin and Saint is trying to find himself a political career. Hope him running a state is better than him running an NFL team.

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Tecmo Super Bowl

I mentioned Tecmo Super Bowl in one of my previous blogs. Why is this like the best sports game ever made (I'd go as far as saying one the best games ever made)? It's a 8 bit game that game out in the late 80's early 90's. It certainly doesn't have the dept of todays sports games. No stadium visuals, no real player faces and body types. An etremely limited playbook, no commentator (which could be a blessing). It's not advanced at all. But I'd go as far to say that many people would play that before picking up Madded or NCAA 2006. There's something about it that makes me gravitate toward it. Whenever i mention Bo Jackson or Lawrence Taylor, people know that on Tecmo they were beasts until about 3/4 into the season when they started getting hurt. Running Warren Moon back to the endzone and chucking the ball 99 yards as your players dives into the endzone to catch the ball from the 1 yard line. Running in zigzags to avois tackles while that one guy gets a super speed burst to just miss you as he dives. Winning the Super Bowl with John Fourcade. Tecmo Super Bowl may not be the best game graphically, but it has to be the most memorable game of all time.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Maybe we could do this in New Orleans


Seems like one soccer fan has found an interesting way of keeping the franchise in his home city. Findinga buyer on Ebay. I wonder if Tom Benson would take an Ebay offer on the Saints?

Monday, July 11, 2005

Home Run Derby

I don't know. I started watching the Home Run Derby tonight. Didn't watch it all. Listening to it right now. Here's some takes:

Bobby Abreu is a freak. Think he hit like 24 out of the shout. Of course he who hits best first never wins the derby.

I guess Bobby Abreu has staying power.

I just don't care for Bud Selig. They interviewed him before the derby asking him about Kenny Rogers. They asked him if he had the final say would he not let him go. He politically answered i'm glad i don't make that decision alone, blah, blah, blah. He's the freakin commissioner. He does have some type of final say. Then they interviewed him about steroids and he said the policy was ok until the Canseco mess happened. Of course, you got caught. He just doesn't seem to be very genuine. But the commentators sucked up to him anyway. Guess that's their job.

The Derby: I don't know. It never seemed this long back in the day. Now they have bands playing, all these commercials and competitions. It's not about guys hitting homers. I just can't watch three plus hours of guys hitting the ball with no other action. Plus the only good round lately is the first. The guys are always tired by the end. Plus it's been three freaking hours. They need to figure something out. It's getting old. Also, this international crap sucks. I want home run hitters, not randoms.

The All Star Game: I don't know if i'll write a seperate piece on this, but the All Star game needs to go back to being an exibition. Now it's all serious. This one counts. It shouldn't count. It's not fair that the best team in the MLB has to depend on the likes of a guy from the Royals, Devil Rays, Rockies or Pirates. That's not right. Go back to the alternating schedule or best team gets home field format. I want the All Star game to be fun. Baseball takes itself too seriously anyway.

Thursday, July 07, 2005

NFL Bests

Seems that not much is going on in the way of sports. The NBA Finals has ended, thank God. Baseball is going on, but that's pretty much like a slow burn right now. Hockey is still dead and Jeremy Roanek (SP?) is a moron, but obviously is passionate about the game. Can't fault him for that. All I am looking forward to is kickoff of the NCAA/NFL seasons. The Saints are probably still everyone's sexy pick because if they ever get it together they'd probably win the whole damn thing. But anyway.

With that in mind, who's the best players by position since we've been born. Say 1975-present. Doesn't matter if they've won a title or not. Who's your NFL Best?

Here's mine:

QB: Dan Marino: Have you seen the yards this guys racked up? If he ever had a decent running back he may have won a few titles. Withouot one, he still holds a truck load of records.
RB: Bo Jackson: You ever used him in Tecmo Super Bowl? Nuff Said.
RB: Barry Sanders: Made dudes look foolish
TE: Tony Gonzalez. He's been the standard for so long now. Antonio Gates is on the rise though.
WR: Jerry Rice: Come on! Please argue against me. He's 40+ and still playing like a 3rd string 20+ year old. That's saying something. Let's not talk about his stats.
WR: Steve Largent: he was the truth with Seattle
O-Line: Anthony Munoz: He'd block the hell out of you.
LB: Ray Lewis: Have you seen that hit against Denver on Monday Night Football? He can take you out so many different ways.
D-Line: not sure, someone help me out!
CB: Dion Sanders: PrimeTime!
Safety: Steve Atwater, Ronnie Lott: They brought pain! I like them both.
K: Morten Andersen: In his prime he was a sharpshooter.
Coach: Bill Walsh: He invented an entire style of play and won with it.